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At Shopify DIY, we give you the opportunity to build your own e-commerce website easily and efficiently. Why wait for others to do it for you when you can create it yourself and customize it to your needs?


You are not alone in this, start your SHOPIFY store and also get:

  1. Two Personalized Consulting Sessions: Get expert guidance every step of the process, from initial setup to advanced optimization of your online store.
  2. Downloadable Templates and Resources: Access a variety of downloadable templates and resources to streamline the design and customization of your website.
  3. Trial Extension to 121 Days: Enjoy an extended 121-day free trial period to explore all of Shopify's features and functionality before making a decision.

Dare to create your own path in the world of e-commerce with Shopify DIY!

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1) Fill out the form and receive your Shopify environment in minutes.

2) Schedule your first accompaniment session

3) Customize your store and publish it.

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While we enjoy helping entrepreneurs, we appreciate being recognized for it, which is why we offer guidance and access to our resources in exchange for starting your trial at our Shopify partner link. This way Shopify recognizes us and we can continue this work at no cost to our entrepreneurs.

Total control

Receive full ownership of your ecommerce store or test environment.

About your domain:

At VERSES we do not sell domains, but we suggest two reputable companies that offer automated connection to Shopify and additional benefits for your business.

In addition, we provide you with free advice on the cost of the domain and corporate email hosting.