¿Cómo surgió VERSES?

How did VERSES come about?

Something like this happened to me.

In 2017 I resigned from my first position as #ECOMMERCE manager .
I decided to open my consultancy firm. I named VERSES, from "VS", I was against several practices in the sector.

Some of them are still in practice, but less.

Development agencies that charged commissions for sales and compromised the scalability of companies.
I said at my agency, <goodbye small letters>.

MKT agencies that hijack your accounts.
I said at my agency, <none of this>.

Brokers for marketplaces who take a commission and eat your margin instead of charging for training and teaching InHouse teams.
And so it was, better not to use "agency".

I will better use the term Consulting, I opened Verses.
Strategic consulting in e-commerce. 

We must print a new approach
To the team, I used to say:

>If we are employees, sometimes we have to keep quiet.
>If we are consultants we can be heard.
Our recommendation will be heard louder.

DIFFICULT to implement, but I do it to date.
I always say it: "congruence hurts but it pays", it always pays.

These were the rules in Verses
>work cells (4 px) with
>3-4 projects at a time maximum
>8-12 weeks of TTM.
No distractions. NICHE focused.
I chose Shopify, it was a partner for years before.

and fly. I set up my landing page and with my first $300 of Google balance and subsequent $900, I created my first B2B campaign. And several Leads.

Savings bank, settlement became established, logos, etc.
and take advantage of the fact that there would be young talent (low cost) with a new government
I put together the first team. a year turning young people into Shopify experts.
We were the 53rd company in the young intern program.

Everything was going well. without pandemic, monthly equal contracts, etc.


6 months after founding VERSES, I had left my profile active, they marked me as Michael Page and told me:
We need to build a team in Mexico.
(close VERSES, leave Shopify and come with us.... oops I'll leave that for another story)

one of those leads became a customer. a big company.
very unique in business model.

Today this company - which was my client - is the one I asked for the opportunity to be part of their team.

This Customer ...

of whom in 2017 I never knew who the owner was... it is the company that hires me today (2022).

Because you can be an intrapreneur even if you are an employee.

Because we can become Ex Linio, Ex Rappi, ex such and it even sounds good but having a long-term vision also sounds good.

Because justifying the salary you want also sounds good. And it has more to do with visibility and actions.

Because creating and building your path to the position you want also sounds good.

Someday I will become that country manager of the companies that I admire.

Today is the day to be heard and build long term successes. With patience. stop being a quitter.

Always raise your hand.
It pays more to do.
Be a DOER.

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